We leverage our services to provide end-to-end solutions throughout the medication journey

The medication journey is complex and filled with barriers. See how ConnectiveRx can solve for challenges throughout the medication journey for patients and providers alike.

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  • Learn more about medications
  • Provider sees patient
  • Provider enters diagnosis and orders
  • Provider writes prescription
  • Provider office enrolls patient into HUB
  • Patient-specific insurance benefit is checked
  • Benefits results delivered to physician
  • Pharmacy, specialty pharmacy or physician dispense/administer
  • Patient receives medication
  • Patient at home
  • Patient refills and renews medication
  • Patient and providers continue to learn about medication, savings offers and adherence
  • Patient continues therapy
  • Awareness communications to patients and providers at the point of prescribing and dispensing, as well as out of workflow
  • Via web, SMS, email, portal and mail
  • Patient adherence communications
  • Patient refill reminders
  • Awareness communications to patients and providers at the point of prescribing and dispensing, as well as out of workflow
  • Via web, SMS, email, portal and mail
  • Patient and provider prescription information
  • Clinical alerts and gaps in care communications delivered to providers within EHR workflow
  • Patented communications provide education and cost savings information to patients at the time of prescribing
  • Solutions that improve medication price transparency as EHRs deploy Real Time Benefit Checks (RTBC) and electronic prior authorization
  • Key information on branded and specialty medications for the provider’s choice of therapy
  • Meaningful patient support services available
  • Seamless patient services launched
  • Technology-enabled benefits verification and electronic prior authorization
  • Automated patient support services
  • Provider portal provides status and results of the benefits investigation process
  • Provider in workflow messaging
  • Advanced analytics enabled eligibility checks
  • Patient and provider payment and reimbursement
  • Patient savings and trial
  • Patient education
  • Patient engagement via SMS, email, portal and mail
  • Digital adherence and refill reminders
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Harness the power of our combined services to commercialize new and mature brands, across therapeutic categories, and overcome barriers

Our patient affordability, awareness and adherence, patient support and payment reimbursement services stand out because they work together to optimize the commercialization of brands.

Lifecycle management

Optimize commercialization efforts across the brand’s lifetime. Brands require different support based on where they are in their life cycle. Our tech-enabled, integrated solutions address all aspects of the brand life cycle to optimize commercialization efforts.

Access roadblocks

Anticipate and overcome patient access barriers to branded and specialty medications. Our patented services address current market dynamics that adversely impact the cost of branded and specialty medications. We provide solutions that address PBM accumulator programs to help improve medication price transparency during a real time benefit check.

Therapeutic areas

Create integrated solutions to align with the needs of therapeutic categories. Our therapeutic expertise is unparalleled in the industry. We work with more than 600 specialty and branded medications in treating chronic, orphan and rare/ultra-rare diseases. We leverage the power of our network to provide solutions that address unique provider and patient needs across different disease categories.

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