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Creating confidence through business intelligence and
data science

We simplify the complex decisions customers face about deploying and refining commercialization initiatives. We do this by visualizing data and insights pulled from billions of de-identified and secure patient and provider interactions and using this data to power machine learning systems, in accordance with the privacy laws. We integrate business intelligence and data science into each of our services, empowering our customers to measure and optimize programs.

Delivering transparency and optimizing outcomes

Actionable business intelligence insights

Speed the path from insight to action using our visual information portals with on-demand data and metrics to enable faster decision making. Beyond the data, we deliver training, customization and support to better serve our customers.

Hands-on guidance

Our expert analysts work closely with customers to help them derive a deeper understanding from the data generated by our services. We dig below the surface and apply tried-and-true statistical techniques to teach customers how to use data to solve their problems.

Data science

We build machine learning models trained to continuously adapt and improve their effectiveness over time. This helps us tackle problems for our customers where the solutions need to be simultaneously fast, accurate and affordable.