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We make it easier for patients

By extending our customers’ teams with knowledgeable and passionate support teams, we create a seamless, end-to-end patient-provider experience that deepens brand relationships. Our HUB services are focused on making access to medications as easy and affordable as possible and helping patients stay on therapy as prescribed by their provider for as long as needed. Our advanced technology platforms enable the fastest turnaround times for reimbursement support and benefits investigations. 

ConnectiveRx has the #1
HUB platform in the industry

Specialty pharmacy 

We understand the unique challenges of specialty products and provide a variety of automated services.

  • #1 provider of buy & bill reimbursement programs
  • Custom-designed HUB services for the most challenging of specialty products
  • Accredited, expert staffing for case management

Retail pharmacy 

By combining technology and market access expertise, we’ve digitally optimized a range of traditional HUB services.

  • Retail-focused legacy
  • Tech-enabled, automated enrollment services accelerate speed-to-therapy
  • Scalable programs—commit only to what’s needed

In a 19-month period, average benefit investigation turnaround time ranged from 3.2 to 5.8 business hours