Connected Together Profile: Challenging Myself to Grow


Cheroc Slater, ConnectiveRx Senior Implementation Project Manager, discusses growing as a tech professional, her mid-career pivot from team leader to individual contributor, and the proudest and most challenging moments of her career.

What’s your role at ConnectiveRx?

I’m a Senior Implementation Project Manager on the Amgen Dedicated Team, responsible for ensuring that their requests for custom development, product enhancements, API integrations, etc. are delivered according to scope (based on business requirements), within budget, and on time.

What led you to this career?

I’ve always had an interest in technology. That started back when I was in high school and took my first Pascal programming class. So, early on I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in tech. I continued this path and obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Computer Information Systems. Before joining ConnectiveRx, I worked in the IT department at Sesame Workshop for 16 years. Eventually, I worked my way up to the position of Director of Client Services where part of my responsibility was managing multiple projects ranging from desktop refreshes to software implementations. I really enjoyed this aspect of my job, which led to the pursuit of my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. I’ve now been a Project Manager for over 15 years.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that all the planning, executing, and monitoring & controlling result in a satisfied client. As it pertains to my job here at ConnectiveRx, the most rewarding aspect is knowing that what we do here helps doctors and specialty pharmacies remove obstacles for patients to acquire and maintain access to necessary medications.

Which ConnectiveRx value resonates with you the most and why?

The ConnectiveRx value that resonates with me the most is “Collaborative: We succeed as a Team.” As a project manager, a huge part of my success is based on communication and collaboration with both internal and external resources. “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

The theme for our Women’s History Month celebration at ConnectiveRx is “Challenge to Change.” What has been the biggest challenge for you and how did you grow from it?

I’m a mid-level career woman in technology and the biggest challenge for me was deciding on the direction I wanted to take my career. For several years I managed teams that involved career development, setting expectations, and monitoring job performance. I really thought that I would continue this management path but after attaining my PMP certification I decided to switch gears and transition from IT Management to Project Management. This was a change that required lots of consideration because I needed to decide if being an individual contributor was what I really wanted to do after investing so much time and effort in the management path. I realized that I am better suited and have a higher comfort level directly managing processes rather than people.

When you think about all that you’ve accomplished in your life – what are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my drive to continue to grow in my career. Most of my achievements have involved me taking the initiative and challenging myself to grow. I still consider myself a “work in progress” and know that to reach my highest potential I can’t stagnate and must continue to evolve and hopefully become a WIT (Woman in Technology) Leader.