Connected Together Profile: Gercy Ocampo

Gercy Ocampo, Engineer, IT Info Security Operations, talks about her passion for technology, the challenges of her job, and how she spends her time when she’s not helping her company and family avoid cyber threats.

What’s your role at ConnectiveRx? I am an Information Security Engineer. Basically, it is my job to keep the company safe by defending it against hackers and any other potential cyber-attacks.

Why did you decide to pursue this career?  I have always been interested in technology in general growing up and always knew that I was going to end up working in this field one way or another. So, I pursued that calling and finished my bachelor’s degree in IT back home in the Philippines. As my career progressed, I saw that there was a need for IT Security experts and decided to work towards that path.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face day-to-day? There is a saying in cybersecurity that goes, defenders must be right all the time whereas attackers only have to be right once. And there are cyberthreats that happen every minute of every day globally. As an IT Security professional, we should always be ready to defend the company. That is the mission.

How does your career affect your general lifestyle? I believe that it goes both ways. Even outside of work, I am considered as the one who protects the family and friends from phishing emails, setting up and securing the home network, and of course the occasional printer fixing. IT Security is a way of life!

Which ConnectiveRx value resonates with you the most and why? The ConnectiveRx value that resonates with me the most is “Collaborative: We succeed as a Team.” I believe that we can achieve more and be successful when working as a team.

When you’re not working, what are we most likely to find you doing? I play lots of chess with friends. You can also find me waking up very early during the weekend just to watch Formula 1 Racing. I also bake, I’ve been told my cheesecake and cake pops are the best. 😊

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