ELITE 2022 Strategist Cindy Baksh of ConnectiveRx

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Cindy Baksh - VP, Product Management - ConnectiveRx

Streamlining the Patient Prescription Journey

In 2019, Cindy Baksh was asked to take on her current role as architect and strategist for Hub and Affordability solutions at ConnectiveRx. “Both sides are my passion. Patients are at the center of it all and we must know how to meet them where they are,” she says.

As the product strategy leader for Hub Services (Patient Support) and Affordability she takes to heart the company’s strategic ethos of creating solutions driven by innovation and human empathy. She guides her team to solve pharmaceutical manufacturer client challenges with a combination of technology and people-driven processes that help patients gain faster access to the medications they need.

Her two decades’ career experience gives her keen knowledge of the patient journey as well as the needs and obligations of providers. She not only understands what is happening in today’s market, but also intuits what that market will look like one, three or five years from now.

Looking to the future, Cindy says, “How we speak to each participant in the healthcare ecosystem will determine how it evolves. To this end, we spend part of our ideation and collaboration time looking at market trends. Staying ahead of the curve in terms of new drug launches happening as far as five years out gives us the ability to develop powerful new ways to interface with patients and providers around these products.

While the pandemic had swift and strong implications to all those working in the healthcare marketplace, Cindy leveraged that time to study healthcare ecosystem behavior and its impact on patients, working to understand their evolving needs and how her hub clients could meet them.

Across companies in her career, Cindy has formally and informally mentored other women in tech and product roles. Her intellect and unrelenting forward motion are the tip of her spear as a professional in this industry.

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