Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Michelle Deuri of ConnectiveRx


Originally published on PM360 as a spotlight post of ConnectiveRx Sr. Director, Hub Operations Michelle Deuri's 2024 ELITE 100 Leader of the Future award.

A Migraine Sufferer Understands Access to Help

After spending 20 years in various roles at Walgreens, Michelle Deuri was ready for a new opportunity. When former colleague recruited Michelle to join ConnectiveRx, she was hired to take on a newly created position as a senior operations analyst for a pharmaceutical company client that uses several of ConnectiveRx’s patient support offerings.

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In that role, Michelle played a pivotal role in evaluating specific parts of a client’s business and applying the learnings to other areas, as well as conducting internal audits of the programs.

Michelle emerged as an energetic and steadfast leader. She soon became a relationship manager on a challenging account. She’s been cited by senior and executive management for quickly gaining the client’s trust and building many strong relationships in the process. Based on this, she was the recipient of ConnectiveRx’s 2023 Values Awards for Impact.

“Michelle’s been cited by senior and executive management for quickly gaining the client’s trust and building many strong relationships in the process.”

Michelle is especially proud of the fact that, by improving internal communications, engaging her colleagues at all levels in the decision-making process, and entrusting people with ownership, she and her team scored among the highest in the company for engagement, improving retention in the process. She says, “I enjoy being able to advocate for the client internally and I love having a team of people I can support. That’s where I get the most enjoyment out of my work in general, knowing that I’m able to simplify processes, make things easier, and help improve people’s lives.”

As a chronic migraine sufferer, Michelle also has a personal connection to the company’s mission. She understands having access to the treatment she needs means the difference between being productive and present in her family’s lives or being completely exhausted and unable to function. She eagerly shares her story with teammates to help them understand the importance of focusing on the patient and ensuring that everything they do is driving and striving for the patient to get access to their medications more easily. “That’s what inspires me the most to take care of my team and make sure they have what they need to do their job really well.”

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