Connected Together Profile: “I Love Seeing People Win!”

Sean Hairston, Program Supervisor and former Chair of ConnectiveRx’s Black Impact Employee Resource Group discusses inspiring teams, the importance of the ERG’s work, and the Black hero who’s had the biggest impact in his life.

Hariston - Sean - Blog 2021What’s your role at ConnectiveRx?

I am a Program Supervisor. I manage three programs ensuring patients receive their critical medication in a timely and professional manner while also meeting client expectations.

What led you to pursue this career?

Fresh out of the Army, I was referred by a friend and have enjoyed the fast-paced and positive pandemonium ever since!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I love professional development. I enjoy working with all of my team members and seeing them through to their goals. Sometimes, they find a skill or task along the way that they enjoy or adds value to their portfolio. I love seeing people win!

Which ConnectiveRx value resonates with you the most and why?

Collaboration! This very value is so important to all functions and roles at ConnectiveRx. I believe being highly collaborative helps you achieve more.

You’re the Chair of ConnectiveRx’s Black ERG: Black Impact. What’s the significance of that name and how does it connect to the ERG’s work?

I feel that there is power in the name “Black Impact” and in what our ERG is looking to achieve. Our focus is on educating, celebrating, and empowering. We want to shine a light on many ways Black people have impacted society and support us in thriving, advancing, and continuing to make an impact – right here at ConnectiveRx and beyond.

Which Black person in history has had the biggest impact on you and why?

Gwendolyn Brooks, the famed poet. I love writing! My grandmother used to read her poems to me as a child before bed. She was also the first Black woman to hold the Poetry Consultant role at the Library of Congress.

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