HCPs Want Specialty Medication Access Information Presented in the EHR

Key findings:

  1. 67% of prescribers cite important information gaps in prescribing specialty medications
  2. 85% of respondents want support to coordinate eligibility / reimbursement and source financial assistance
  3. 80% of prescribers would use instructions in the EHR for prescribing specialty medications

Getting started on therapy and staying on therapy can be a complicated process for patients and their caregivers. From understanding the complexities of insurance coverage (such as deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and now – accumulator adjustment programs!) to accessing copay assistance and other vital support, the journey can be challenging for anyone. But it is especially challenging for seriously ill patients who need specialty medications. Because specialty medications are such a vital part of care for patients with serious conditions, many pharmaceutical manufacturers offer hub solutions and other services to help patients overcome access challenges.

As they work to navigate the specialty drug access journey, patients look to their prescribers to guide them. But are today’s prescribers fully equipped to lead the way? What are prescribers’ needs, and how can brand teams connect them with the information they need to help their patients? To find answers to these and other important questions, ConnectiveRx conducted surveys of prescribers within the ConnectiveRx proprietary healthcare professional database. Respondents included 228 prescribers of specialty pharmacy medications within key specialty disease areas. Key findings appear below.

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