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Providers know the PDR will adapt to their needs

The modern doctor’s office has been strongly influenced by the PDR. There are now thousands of FDA-approved medications and thousands more over-the-counter (OTC) remedies, making a reliable source of medication information critically important. Providers need a tool that can adapt to their setting, whether it’s a hospital, office, pharmacy, classroom – or wherever else healthcare needs arise.

The PDR has taken the information providers need and placed it in one, physical tool, available by digital channels. Perceptions of the PDR’s credibility and trustworthiness are unsurpassed by any other source:

  • 99% of providers surveyed recognize the PDR.
  • Overall, 80–85% of providers with experience using the PDR rate the information highly.

The power of the

PDR in our lives

Some loyal PDR users have shared their stories with us about the difference the PDR has made in their practices. Their testimonials are below.

We are grateful to all the biopharmaceutical brand teams and providers who have put their trust in the PDR over the last 70+ years and look forward to delivering quality medical information for generations to come.

I have lived with PDRs since beginning the practice of medicine, having started before computers and well before the iPhones! They were and still are an invaluable source of information to me in family practice.

Leon M

I would always keep the previous-year copy of the PDR at home for quick reference. It’s much quicker than weeding through multiple websites, and the pictures of the medication are always helpful.

Nick Z

I was the only physician on call at night in a remote hospital, and a patient experienced an in-house stroke. I did a quick eval, got a stat head CT, and wanted to give tPA, except I was not familiar with the dosing. PDR to the rescue — I saved the man’s life!

Aunali K

PDR is superb in terms of finding indications for the side effects of medications. I can avoid interactions between medications, and I trust the scientific content 100 percent.

Sam T

The PDR keeps me updated. I use it day by day in my clinical practice. I trust it because it has strong scientific support. I have used all the formats available, all are great!!

Diego B