Copay Experts Examine 2022 Trends and Explore 2023 Expectations

Couldn't make it? Get top takeaways from the 2022 Informa Connect Copay, Reimbursement and Access Congress.

This annual event is a two and a half day master class in all things copay. Enjoy highlights from six of the most captivating presentations.

Table of Contents:

  1. Keynote panel: Copay Marketplace Trends
    Featuring three pharma-company experts who live daily in the copay space, this session tackled three top-of-mind copay topics: accumulators/maximizers, gross-to-net management, and situational copay
  2. Analyze the Effect, Impact, and Utilization of Accumulator and Maximizer Programs
    In this powerful discussion, two patient advocacy executives provided fresh updates on the ongoing battle to preserve and expand patients’ affordable access to lifesaving medicines
  3. Implementing Innovation to Drive Next-Generation Copay Design
    This rapid-fire presentation showcased three pharma-company patient-access leaders who described leading access challenges and offered common-sense solutions that drive innovation in copay
  4. Ensuring Sustainable Copay Offer Design to Optimize Gross-to-Net
    Using a four-step framework, this presentation led the audience on a deep dive into innovative financial design that visualized multiple aspects of copay program gross-to-net management
  5. Utilizing Copay Data to Drive Program and Product Decisions
    Focused on professional data utilization, this expert presentation featured a case study showing how copay data can help support — and sometimes even drive — brand strategy
  6. Explore the Future of Copay Programs
    This group of pharma experts gave participants a glimpse into the future of copay programming, including top challenges for patients and what new cost-shifting tactics to expect from payers

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