Our Commitment to Sustainability

Healthcare is a very human experience. We're committed to a sustainable approach to doing business because it's better for everyone. 

ConnectiveRx is committed to operating on a daily basis with our core values. Paired with these values is the belief that we are responsible to contribute to a sustainable future for our environment.  We accomplish this through a variety of initiatives and strong partnerships with our clients and vendors. Our commitment to sustainability is a core element of our culture. 

Here's how we do it

To continuously help our clients drive patients through their prescription and healthcare journeys, we must grow in a way that respects the environment, operates in an ethical manner, emphasizes sustainable growth, and models us as a force for positive change in our community.  

We continuously seek to accomplish this in these four ways.

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Environmental Sustainability

Through our ongoing efforts for environmental sustainability, we have de-carbonized our operations by partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all of our cloud computing solutions.

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Business Sustainability

We have developed a detailed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure CRx has advance arrangements and procedures that enable response to unplanned events and ensure critical business functions continue without interruption.

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Commuting & Work-From-Home (WFH) Policies

In several offices we have reduced our carbon footprint through seasonal shuttle services for those required to be in the office and when possible, reduced the number of days employees are required to commute to the office from a standard five to only three.

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At the Office

We are committed to ongoing efforts to integrate sustainable practices across all of our campuses.

We maintain sustainable operations through a four-part framework


Upholding the laws and regulations of the respective countries where we operate.


Endorsing the highest standards of economic, social, ethical, and environmental practices.


Identifying moderating risks associated with our procurement process.


Communicating our policy with stakeholders (internal and external) and raising awareness among our suppliers and clients.

We believe our actions make a difference

  • The Environment

    Comply and adhere to all the applicable environmental laws in respective countries and jurisdictions.

    Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility such as:

    • Responsible waste management and disposal
    • Reduction of greenhouse gas and other emissions harmful to the environment
    • Conservation of non-renewable natural resources
  • Business Ethics

    Obey all relevant laws regarding ethical business practices and establish robust communication procedures to prevent:

    • Fraud, bribery, corruption
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Privacy violations
    • Data security issues
  • Community Development

    We continue our efforts to work with local governments and communities to improve the education, cultural, economic, and social well-being of communities in which we operate.

    We also understand that procurement performance improvement is a continuous process and recognize the contribution of our clients and suppliers in our journey to become more sustainable. We will continue to work with them in our shared goals for greater sustainability.

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