The Battle of Accumulators and Maximizers: What You Need To Know for 2024

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Let's talk about how this is going to affect your brand in 2024.

Step edits. Ever-expanding exclusion lists. Increasingly complicated prior authorizations and appeals processes. And of course, accumulators and maximizers.

By design, branded specialty drugs are becoming increasingly more difficult for patients to access, and it can feel like an uphill battle to wade through all the red tape to get your drug to those who need it. 

Tune in as we take an in-depth look into the current and future state of copay adjustment programs, and what is being done to overcome them. Experts discussed some of the biggest legal battles over cost shifting strategies, and what manufacturers can expect after the dust settles.

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Featuring a conversation with:

Dowd - Chris 2023 (2)
SVP, Market Development, ConnectiveRx
Carl Schmid headshot circle
Executive Director, HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute
Katie Verb circle
Senior Director, Executive Branch Strategy Team, Bristol Myers Squibb
Bill Sarraille circle picture
Partner, Healthcare Privacy and Cybersecurity