ELITE 2021 Leader of the Future Kylie Hall of ConnectiveRx


When Kylie Hall came to ConnectiveRx in 2019, she brought lots of experience…in groceries. However, a supermarket product manager’s job is to find great products—then get people to choose those products over a mountain of other options. While not the same as ConnectiveRx’s mission to help patients navigate a complex healthcare system, the idea of patients getting the necessary medications at an affordable price appealed to Kylie.

She adapted to a new industry in a short amount of time. As a highly tenacious problem solver, laser focused on her end-user, Kylie knows how to cut through the noise to figure out what adds the most value.

Challenging for any product manager, but particularly one so new to healthcare, Kylie was tasked with developing a unicorn. She explains, “My aligned teams delivered a patient journey dashboard that’s first of its kind, connecting three disparate services.” The platform is an enterprise data warehouse combined with a best-in-class visual intelligence platform that users can access in real time. Through Kylie’s work, ConnectiveRx shows drug manufacturers how effective they are at getting their products into patients’ hands—for as long as the patient needs it.

As an industry game-changer, Kylie pushes colleagues to really think outside the box, asking, “How can we get where we need to be? How can we make it better?” When sharing the moment when she proved her data platform worked, she reported that her client said, “Pinch me, I can’t believe I’m actually looking at this.” She then notes, “It was an extremely satisfying moment.”

With such strong instincts, Kylie’s surely one to watch as a leader of the future. Using the same skills honed at the supermarket, she crossed the aisle to find her calling, namely, “working with product teams and thought leaders from disparate organizations and convincing them why and how to move toward a singular goal. It’s a skill I’ve honed over time—and led to the commitment to build the product I’m working on now.”