How one ConnectiveRx Teammate uses her own experience to help others


It’s been just over a year since she was declared cancer-free, but for Laura Blair, every day is a chance for her to live her experience as a way to help others.

Laura is a Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales Operations at ConnectiveRx who works closely with some of the top pharmaceutical brands in the country. For more than 12 years, she has educated commercialization teams about the patient journey and the importance of providing affordability and educational resources to patients via tech-enabled hub services. She was passionate about sitting down with clients, piecing together how they can best help patients through their medication journey, and show them how to overcome obstacles around approval and affordability challenges.

Laura’s life was proceeding exactly as she wanted it, spending her days at a job she loved then heading home to be with her family. But all of that changed in early 2019 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Through 7 rounds of chemo, 35 rounds of radiation, six insurance claim appeals, and countless scans and medications to manage the side effects, Laura battled her cancer while trying to care for her three children and choosing to work whenever her health allowed it.

The experience left her with a deep appreciation and understanding of the patient journey well beyond anything she could have known even after 12 years in her role. Today, she uses that experience to educate brands, her fellow ConnectiveRx Teammates, and most recently, the PharmaVoice Woman of the Week podcast audience. Listen to her inspirational journey and plans for the future here.