If a Tree Falls in the Forest – Do Patients and Providers Know that your Copay Offers Exist?


Patient affordability programs help lower out-of-pocket costs for patients while giving healthcare providers the flexibility to prescribe their top drug choice without worrying that their patients won’t be able to afford the drug. This is a win-win-win for patients, providers, and manufacturers . . . but only if patients and providers know that your copay offers exist.


Spotlight Copay Offers with EHR and other digital platforms

How can manufacturers make sure that all eligible patients and their healthcare providers are aware of patient savings programs for their brands? ConnectiveRx can facilitate the distribution of copay coupons and related information through multiple channels, including in prescribers’ electronic health records (EHR) workflow, and in dispensing workflow at the pharmacy. This unique ability to gain access during the patient encounter provides impactful distribution, in addition to mere placement of coupons on proprietary drug brand websites.

A few things happen when savings programs are promoted during patient encounters and in the healthcare providers’ workflow:

  • Prescribers are able to see the true out-of-pocket costs for eligible patients in their EHR workflow before they prescribe the drug, giving them confidence that they are recommending a drug their patient can afford.
  • Eligible patients will know the true drug cost at the point of prescribing, and whether they can afford the drug.
  • Pharmacists will have the copay card right in their pharmacy management systems. This enables them to discuss pricing and affordability with the patient and helps avoid the interruption in their workflow caused by having to call the prescriber to change his or her first-choice drug.
“You have saved our retirement savings, given me peace of mind… I must say thank you for all the payments, the availability and everything you did to give me a future that is financially possible.” — Erika B., Toledo (diabetes patient)

Get your Copay Offer seen with ConnectiveRx

Copay programs are a big investment, and manufacturers gain an advantage when they make copay offers readily and widely available. According to ConnectiveRx proprietary research, 80% of surveyed prescribers agree that effective affordability programs encourage them to prescribe a drug. Manufacturers can accomplish their mission to support patients along their medication journeys and to support the prescribers’ first-choice selection of their brands. To learn more about implementing a comprehensive copay program, connect with one of our experts now to speak 1-on-1.