Connected Together – Libby McManus


Libby McManus, Director, Training and Ongoing Learning, discusses her unconventional start to Learning & Development, and why building relationships is key to cultivating talent and helping ConnectiveRx grow.

What’s your role at ConnectiveRx?

I’m Director, Training and Ongoing Learning. My key responsibility is to build out the Learning and Employee Development function across ConnectiveRx. My team and I are part of Human Resources.

Why did you decide to pursue this career?

Even though I consider myself a life-long learner it took me a while to find my educational footing. I changed my college major three times, from Pre-Law to Political Science, to Business. I got my Master's in Adult Education and Training after I was already working in Learning & Development for several years. I had never considered Learning & Development as a career path. I was working as an Assistant Manager for Sheetz convenience stores when I was approached by the corporate training manager, who thought I had a knack for Learning & Development. He had me interview to become an Instructional Designer which led to an over 18-year career. I have worked in a variety of different industries including Education, Retail, Telecommunications, and Engineering.

What is the most important skill to succeeding in Learning & Development?

There are many skills that can help you succeed in Learning & Development, but I believe that the key skill is building relationships. Even though I have worked in Learning & Development for many years, I don’t have firsthand experience in the struggles and pain points my teammates feel that could be aided by improved training experiences. My job is to use data and feedback to make strategic decisions for Learning & Development. As I meet with various departments across ConnectiveRx, I want to become a strategic partner with them so we can work together to find training solutions that drive results and add value for our teammates.

Which ConnectiveRx value resonates with you the most and why?

Cultivators of Talent of course! All the latest technology and bells and whistles can’t replace our most valuable resource, OUR PEOPLE. My team and I have worked hard to create training solutions that are impactful for our teammates and meet changing business needs. We have rolled out several initiatives this year such as LinkedIn Learning, the CULTIVATE Leadership Course for people managers, CRx University – a program that helps new hires learn more about our Company, and the CULTIVATE Professional Development fund. I am very excited to see this function continue to grow across our company.

When you’re not working, what are we most likely to find you doing?

Probably driving, ha-ha. My daughters are both competitive dancers and I spend a lot of time in the car driving them to and from dance. I also love adventure, travel, Disney, and reading. I am very excited to take a solo hiking trip to Yellowstone next month! I am also happily married and have a healthy obsession with my dog, a 3-year-old rescue named Sadie.

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