PM360 Big Uptick in Patient Savings

With more than 90% of covered workers now facing a tiered formulary for prescription drugs, patient out-of-pocket costs are more important than ever. It’s no surprise then, that copay programs have become standard patient support resources for biopharma brands. And while it may be obvious that patients greatly appreciate the value of manufacturer’s copay support, thoughtful brand managers also keep a finger on the pulse of prescribers’ opinions.

As part of our ongoing research, ConnectiveRx maintains a sharp focus on prescribers’ experiences, and we’ve been tracking their opinions on copay support for years. In October 2019, we repeated a prescriber survey first fielded back in 2016, and the results show some prominent changes.

Key Finding #1: Prescribers reach for generics for first line therapy

However, they increasingly believe copay support helps them prescribe needed brands when managed care is restrictive.

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