PM360 ELITE 2023 Strategist Ticia Cawley of ConnectiveRx


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Each year PM360, an online magazine focused on marketing experts in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, acknowledges individuals in the healthcare and life sciences sectors who are leaving significant impacts on our field, patients, peers, and the globe. These distinguished individuals make up their ELITE 100 list.

Expanding Access to Specialty Medications

In her more than 25-year career, Ticia Cawley has been instrumental in shaping and implementing the patient copay and hub programs that today can make a difference in a patient’s ability to start and stay on potentially lifesaving specialty medication.

At ConnectiveRx, Ticia has helped lead the company’s expansion into the specialty medication world from a single patient access program in 2008 to more than 200 across 30 different therapeutic areas today.

“Ticia is one of those rare people who has been successful on the pharmaceutical manufacturer side of the industry and was able to transition that knowledge over to the partner/solutions side to help drug brand clients develop copay, buy and bill, and hub strategies that work in the real world,” explains Chris Dowd, SVP Market Development, ConnectiveRx.

Ticia began her career in the biotech industry as a case manager for a rare disease specialty brand. Through this experience, she gained visibility into the patient services world and the importance of access services to patients and providers alike. She eventually moved on to design and launch the patient services program and pharmacy distribution network for a leading manufacturer’s first specialty product.

Ticia joined ConnectiveRx (PSKW), a leader in retail copay programs, to help expand the company’s presence in the specialty market. Recognizing the importance of patient access services, she was an integral member of the team responsible for the acquisition of a hub services provider to help round out the company’s product portfolio.

Ticia continues to push for innovation that will keep pace with increasingly complex and personalized therapies as well as the changing managed care landscape. She led the efforts to automate claims processing and payments for programs that support medical benefits products. She also identified the need to expand the scale and reach of the company’s affordability programs, as therapies continue to become more complex and personalized. The growth in the scope of these programs has been critical in helping ensure patients can afford the drugs they’ve been prescribed.

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