Specialty Meds Can Be Affordable


Knowledge of program availability and its benefits is critical for key stakeholders.

By offering financial assistance, a specialty medication affordability program allows patients to start and stay on therapy. Frequently, because specialty drugs are much more expensive, patients are unable to afford the medications they need. The most important benefit of an assistance program is that it allows adherence to doctor-prescribed treatment. Because the patient journey - beginning with the onset of symptoms to diagnosis and treatment - is often long, it is important that medications are available at an affordable price and that patients are aware of the existence of such programs from the time a drug is prescribed. This information can be acquired in a number of ways, including through written material, websites, text messages, mobile apps, etc.

Patients also benefit from an affordability program’s comprehensive distribution, which ensures that the pharmacy or healthcare provider who is handling the billing has the appropriate information. At ConnectiveRx, we understand the greatest challenge to adherence is cost. And through this distribution method, we help patients and their providers understand out-of-pocket costs so that they can access therapy more affordably.

Prescribers can also reap the benefits of these programs. As a patient’s provider, he or she feels comforted by the fact that what is being prescribed - the best specialty medicine for a particular disease - is going to be accessible to their patient. And because financial assistance helps patients get prescribed medications, it also offers providers freedom from pharmacy calls and reassurance that their patients will be able to start and stay on therapy.

Ticia Cawley, Vice President Client Solutions at ConnectiveRx, is an expert on specialty products and programs with a focus on the affordability of specialty products. She explains in depth why it’s critical for all key stakeholders - from prescribers to patients - to know that programs like these are available.

At the core of ConnectiveRx’s capabilities is affordability/copay programs, hub services and messaging. These programs can act as independent standalone services or can be integrated into one successful program. The most important thing we can do is engage with and support patients and providers all the way through the patients' time on therapy.

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