Understanding the Benefits of Copay Reduction

An Evidence-Based Approach

Unleashing the Power of Copay Programs: Let's Break Down Barriers Together

Out-of-Pocket (OOP) expenses have emerged as the top barrier to quality healthcare access. As these costs continue to rise, there's an equally powerful solution gaining momentum manufacturer sponsored copay savings programs.

Here's the exciting part: Reducing OOP drug costs isn't just a financial relief to patients, it's a powerful catalyst for increased adherence, improved clinical outcomes, and overall healthcare spending reduction. 

As brand managers and pharma marketers, the challenge is clear: It's time to develop and deploy copay assistance programs that not only deliver these crucial benefits, but do so in a way that is centered on patient needs while ensure a robust return on investment.

What you'll learn from this data backed report:

  • Why manufacturer sponsored programs improve adherence and health outcomes.
  • How copay programs affect prescribing behavior.
  • How copay savings programs reduce racial and economic health disparities.
  • And, much more!
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