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PM360 2022 Innovative Service: Enterprise Data Platform from ConnectiveRx

Lead at ConnectiveRx: John Stanick, Senior Vice President, Product Management

Collecting data to present a comprehensive view of a patient’s journey can reshape how pharma companies connect with providers and patients. For one pharma brand, the ConnectiveRx enterprise data platform (EDP) is doing exactly that. The manufacturer partnered with ConnectiveRx to facilitate rapid, secure access to identifiable patient information that previously was accessible only in fragments.

For field reimbursement managers (FRMs), an EDP-based tool is proving especially valuable. These patient advocates educate providers and their staffs about product coverage, access programs, and health policy—and are trained to resolve often-complex reimbursement issues. With critical information and supporting documents specific to a case accessible through a single, secure portal, FRMs can quickly access individual patient data and more accurately articulate a patient’s specific situation. When a provider calls about a patient but doesn’t have the case ID number, FRMs can easily locate that patient’s case details through a series of focused filters.

An EDP portal can also provide brands with visibility into whether patients have enrolled in an affordability program. For example, data stories can illustrate that a patient started by enrolling in a hub program, then was enrolled on a specific date in a copay program because it was determined (s)he was eligible, the date that the first claim was received, and that the patient is continuing to fill the prescription.

Additionally, specialized dashboards can provide real-time email alerts to sales reps when providers have prescribed a specific medication, enabling reps to contact those providers to determine if assistance is needed. Data can be filtered in multiple ways, including by state and rep territory, helping reps stay abreast of what is happening in their regions.

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