Don’t think your brand can afford hub services?

Hub Services

Specialty drug manufacturers likely cannot expect to roll out full prescription hub services for every brand they bring to market. Even though full hub services can provide great value to the brand, the investment is not always warranted or supported by the brand’s current WAC price, the brand’s current stage in its lifecycle, or the disease indication.  There is a lower cost alternative which enables brands to get patients onto therapy quickly through an easy and intuitive intake channel.


The benefits of using a non-commercial pharmacy

A non-commercial pharmacy (NCP), meaning a pharmacy that can receive and process a specialty prescription but does not dispense the drug, is a lower cost alternative to full hub services. This more affordable option can achieve many of the same results.

When the healthcare provider prescribes a drug electronically through the NCP, the NCP will work through the red tape around Benefit Verification and Prior Authorization. Approvals can come back within a matter of hours, and the NCP will communicate directly with the healthcare provider if there is unclear or incomplete information or if there are denials instead of approvals. Best of all, there is no extra work for healthcare providers; they simply select the non-commercial pharmacy in their existing electronic health records workflow.

If your brand doesn’t fit the hub model, you still have options for comprehensive services to get your drugs to patients who need them. Contact to learn about Careform Pharmacy powered by ConnectiveRx, our exclusive non-commercial pharmacy service.

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