Making the Most of Your Awareness and Adherence Investment

Awareness and Adherence

In the rapidly evolving world of digital healthcare, understanding how to maximize your Awareness and Adherence (A&A) investments is more than a mere advantage, it's a necessity. It's about striking the perfect balance between timing precision, the power of digital tools, and the strategic utilization of data. And most importantly, it's about maintaining a dialogue with one of the most critical elements of the healthcare equation - the patient.

So whether you are a seasoned expert or a newcomer to the realm of Electronic Health Record (EHR) messaging, buckle up and get ready to navigate the fascinating landscape of A&A investments and their immense potential in transforming patient care.

The Future of Awareness and Adherence

As we dive deeper into the world of A&A investments, let's take a closer look at the role of a large prescriber network and how leveraging such a network can significantly enhance the reach of your brand messaging.

  • Why timing and precision matter: It's essential to target clinicians and patients with relevant messages during their EHR workflow. This enhances the effectiveness of the branded message as it becomes part of the active conversation about the treatment plan.
  • The future is digital: Today and in the future, we'll see regulatory changes promoting increased patient portal usage. Consequently, branded messaging in patient portals will play a significant role in maintaining the conversation with the patient post-clinic visit.

Extracting Value from A&A Investments

Now that we've discussed the importance of maximizing Awareness and Adherence (A&A) investments, let's shift our focus to understanding the practical steps you can take to leverage this strategy to harness these tools to amplify your brand's reach.

  • Data is king: Electronic communication allows brands to gather actionable data. Brands can use this data to compare test and control populations, measure prescription lift, and calculate ROI per invested dollar. Patient compliance data can also provide insights into medication persistence.
  • Indirect benefits: In addition to measurable metrics, brands also benefit indirectly from their investment. Timely and accurate messaging from awareness campaigns can leave lasting positive impressions on both clinicians and patients.

Common Queries from Brands and Agencies

Some common questions we've seen from pharma brands and agencies deal with disparity in knowledge levels. Some partners are well-versed in EHR messaging tactics, while others require more education. Continuous education on topics such as consumer and clinical reach, NPI targeting, data availability, cost, and outcomes is crucial for all partners.

Bridging the Gaps in A&A Approach

Let's now pivot toward understanding the unexplored potential of robust analytics and its role in the optimization of A&A investments. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics, you can drive your digital health messaging strategies toward enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Data and targeting expectations: Many brands have unrealistic expectations about data and targeting, especially concerning NPI matching. Prescribers often have multiple specialty designations, leading to gaps in message effectiveness and reporting accuracy. Patrick advises brands to cast a wider net that doesn’t solely rely on NPI.

The Value of a Large Prescriber Network

For a larger prescriber network, it's important to have the ability to segment messaging. In doing so, brands are better able to tailor their messaging for maximum impact. In addition to segmenting messaging, leveraging a large prescriber network enables:

  • Reach and avoid duplication: A large network enables the brand to reach as many targeted prescribers as possible while avoiding duplication. At ConnectiveRx, we have exclusive access to 150,000 Health Care Practitioners, all ready and able to discuss our partner brands’ messaging with their patients.

Wrapping Up: Amplifying Brand Messaging through A&A Investments

The dynamic landscape of digital healthcare is rich with opportunities for maximizing Awareness and Adherence (A&A) investments. By utilizing the strength of large prescriber networks, leveraging real-time data, and adopting precision-targeted methods, brands can profoundly enhance their reach and impact. It's all about fostering an ongoing dialogue with both clinicians and patients, providing value at every step of the healthcare journey. As we continue to tread into the future of digital healthcare, brands that master these strategies will undoubtedly set themselves apart.


Benefits of Pharmaceutical Point-of-Care Awareness & Adherence Messaging 

EHR messaging to HCPs is vital for increasing brand awareness and script lift. These messages help get the right prescription written for the right medication and the right patient. 

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