Fighting for Medication Access and Adherence: Market Outlook Beyond 2022

Hub Services

The battle for medication access and adherence is being fought on many fronts, facing unending challenges and plenty of opportunities for success:

  • The rise in the number of specialty medications brings with it more complexity and more red tape
  • Technology and the digital landscape edge towards ubiquity within the healthcare industry with each passing year
  • The growing importance of the patient support space, and its impact on access and adherence, feels exponential
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As we begin the second part of 2022 and continue to move away from the pandemic and towards the new normal of an endemic, we ask ourselves two important questions:

  1. What does the healthcare market need to best connect patients with critical medications in a frictionless way?
  2. What tools and tactics are forward-looking pharma companies using to bridge the gap between patients, providers, and specialty medications?

In this report, we examine the current healthcare landscape and highlight five trends that are indicative of how market changes over the past two years have impacted providers, patients, and brands.

Table of Contents:

  1. Hub services take the pain out of prior authorizations
  2. Now is the time to flex with your digital toolbox
  3. Pharmacists - the public's most accessible healthcare provider
  4. Affordability programs integrated with hubs put medications in patients' hands
  5. Innovative reimbursement strategies will always be critical to patient support
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