Building a 360° View and Delivering Fully Integrated, Actionable Reporting Through Data

Hub Services

At ConnectiveRx, we analyze data from every prescriber and patient interaction across all support solutions, including hub, copay, field reimbursement manager contacts, SMS/MMS messaging, etc. These efforts provide our clients' marketing and sales executives not only full-scale panoramic insights, but also rapid and secure access to prescriber- and patient-specific information that be used to understand and support each stakeholder’s personal journey — information that enables field resources and patient access professionals to provide real-time one-on-one support to help specific patients get on and stay on therapy.

“Our data platform allows us to accomplish two discrete but connected data management goals,” said John Stanick, SVP of Product Management. “First, we can collect and organize notes and statistics from 225 unique data sets across our organization and use that data to build a comprehensive record of every encounter with a given stakeholder. Second, we can seamlessly aggregate thousands or even millions of data views to deliver a never-before-possible level of integrated and actionable reporting. What’s more, we employ advanced controls and rigor that ensure data integrity, privacy, and security.”


Building a 360° Patient View

Fortunately, many of today’s pharma firms already have fingertip access to not only first-party data (data collected as patients or prescribers interact with company people and programs), but even zero-party data (data that patients and prescribers voluntarily and deliberately share). These abundant sources of information often reside with and are managed by service providers. For example, branded hub and copay programs generate crucial data relative to each prescriber’s and patient’s individual journey. When managed expertly, this rich data can transform how pharmaceutical companies interact with patients and HCPs, unlocking new insights that can identify an individual’s exact access obstacles and help overcome them to boost prescribing and adherence.

The key to accessing these insights for each stakeholder is the creation of a 360° view that provides a single source of truth for any given patient or prescriber. Simply put, all the data captured by every system within our organization is organized into one complete view, allowing us to pull down a complete picture of every individual’s medication journey in an understandable and usable form.

Imagine having access to a single complete chronological record for a specific patient that describes their ongoing journey — every touchpoint across all patient support solutions, including hub, copay, field reimbursement manager interactions, direct-to-patient messaging, etc. For instance, patient “Chris” saw her neurologist, was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, and received a prescription for a branded beta interferon. After enrolling in the brand’s hub program she received a welcome message and an awareness/treatment brochure. A benefits verification and an affordability check showed that she has active commercial insurance coverage but needed copay support. After her physician (with help from the field reimbursement manager) successfully navigated a complex prior authorization hurdle, Chris enrolled in the copay program and purchased her first round of therapy — using the copay support — at her local Walgreens. Since then, she’s received a follow-up call and dosage reminder texts. As the calendar rolls toward her first refill date, she’ll receive an escalating series of prompts and messages, including, if necessary, a live call from her hub case manager. All along the way, each event in Chris’s journey is captured: every program component, every touch, every day.

The Real Payoff: Customized, Actionable Reporting

Capturing touchpoints and constructing a 360° view for every stakeholder is a real game changer. But it’s just Step 1 in the data-driven push to overcome barriers and smooth the medication journey. Step 2 is creating responsive reporting portals customized for each manufacturer team based on their unique needs: marketing team, patient access team, sales management team, and more. Each team needs to be able to unpack the rich insight, layer by layer, in a manner that reveals the specific information they need to accomplish their key objectives.

For example, marketers need to be able to conduct a wide array of combined analyses on large clusters of reports, such as parsing the data to determine the difference in prior authorization (PA) turnaround time for those prescribers who have requested PA support versus those who have not. Or examining the long-term adherence differences between patients that opt in to ongoing SMS/MMS communication versus those that don’t.

On the other hand, field reimbursement managers (FRMs) need an entirely different view — one that allows them to follow individual prescribers and patients within the system. For example, our FRM portal can provide knowledge in a concise dashboard showing patient-consented information including:

  • Patient first and last name and date of birth
  • Prescriber name, clinic, and clinic phone and fax numbers
  • List of changes in case status, including date and time of changes
  • PDF of patient enrollment form
  • PDF of verification of benefits form

Our advanced reporting system can even message FRMs within the portal to notify them of specific actions that need to be completed for specific prescribers or patients.

And sales representatives need still another view tied to revenue-generating activities. For instance, our custom dashboards can deliver a real-time email alert when an HCP has prescribed the company brand. This can enable and guide the rep to contact the provider to determine if any assistance is needed with the new prescription. Reps can filter the information in several ways, including by specialty, prescriber group, or zip code, which helps reps stay on top of what is happening in their territories. Sales reps can also identify trend information using de-identified patient data, such as setting automated alerts if a prescriber’s average number of brand prescriptions begins to drop below a predetermined point after a competitor has entered the market.

Taken together, the granularity and specificity of our 360° view data capabilities, along with the capacity to provide individual or aggregated data in customized real-time reporting portals, promise a revolution in the continued push for prescribing, access, and adherence. The most successful brands will be prioritizing these efforts in order to set themselves up for success in the coming years.

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