PM360: Hub Services Offer Big Benefits for Retail Launch Brands

Along with their specialty brand counterparts, retail brands are starting to experience the pain of more restrictive launch and ongoing access challenges, including NDC blocks, step edits, prior authorizations, and ever-increasing copays. In response, retail brand teams are increasingly deploying hub services access strategies formerly associated with specialty brands, including electronic benefit verification (eBV) services, electronic prior authorization (ePA) processing, and electronic PA appeals support.

Houston, We Have a Problem

In the “good old days” of pharma marketing—five to six years ago—retail brand access was strong right out of the gate. Our team recently examined managed care coverage for 11 retail brand launches in 2013-14 (see Figure 1). Believe it or not, 70% of pharmacy claims for these brands were covered in month one, and the coverage rate remained essentially stable throughout the entire 12 months post launch.

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