PM360: The Why and How of Hub Services

When it comes to conducting benefits investigations, initiating prior authorizations, and accomplishing other patient services tasks, much of the work falls to medical office staff whose job is to help patients get on and stay on therapy. This article reports on recent specialty-specific research designed to explore staff goals, challenges, pain points, and most valued hub services. The results may be surprising!

We know time-pressed doctors are growing increasingly frustrated with non-clinical activities that crowd their schedules and steal attention from patients. Medical Economics, in its latest annual survey of top challenges, reported that the No. 1 issue “ruining medicine for physicians” is paperwork and administrative burdens.1 These non-clinical tasks have grown to the point that some are calling for medical practices to hire specialists solely dedicated to managing insurance processes and updates in laws and regulations.2 This notion appears to be taking hold. A 2019 AMA survey reported that 36% of respondents had at least one staff member “whose sole purpose was to work on prior authorizations.3

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