Rethinking Digital Ads For Pharma Brands

Awareness and Adherence

Did you know that marketers spent nearly $600 billion on digital ads around the globe in 2022? These advertisers smartly used a variety of outlets and tactics to share their messages based on their target audiences. Consider that spending on mobile consistently increases year over year, newer social media channels like TikTok quickly pivot portions of annual ad spend, and, while Google and Meta are still dominant forces, sites like Amazon are cutting deeply into their profits.

We all agree that digital, targeted advertising is going to hold its’ spot as a large portion of client budgets. But what else is jumping out at you? This:

There is a ton of competition on social media and other top mainstream sites, all vying for the same audiences as you. It’s getting harder to hone the segmentation you need to drive the results you promised. We know the internet at-large will always be in the digital mix, but don’t forget about targeted platforms designed to display to patients and healthcare providers qualified for pharma’s messages.

Reach Patients When It’s Most Meaningful

Anyone with money to spend can reach some kind of patients and some group of healthcare providers with their branded message while their target audience is scrolling through Instagram, but that isn’t always the best use of your client’s budget. For one thing, yours is one of countless ads they will see while they doomscroll late at night. Plus, and more importantly, they aren’t seeing your ad when it matters most, namely, when they are having face to face conversations about their healthcare and medication journey.

The solution? Get inside the EHR—the place where eyeballs are when patients and doctors are talking. In-EHR messaging drives content that only appears when the target physician is working in the EHR or during the patient/physician encounter. Also, consider how versatile the EHR environment is by allowing certain messages to appear at specific times depending on what the prescriber is doing. For example:

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  • As the physician logs in, they can see newsy, more generalized updates about your client’s brand, such as claim and formulary updates, announcements of new patient savings offers, and new products coming to market
  • On the e-prescribing screen, personalized patient savings offers are presented to give the patient a more complete understanding of their out-of-pocket costs
  • Also on this screen, specifics around dosing requirements, clinical insights like new indications, and additional support further arms patients with everything they need to start therapy
  • This kind of direct messaging within the EHR is possible thanks to exclusive access to the EHR system’s administrative workflow and it’s open only to partners of ConnectiveRx.

Go Where the Competition Can’t Find You

Finally, (and this is a key point) the EHR is not an open-source site where anyone can advertise. In fact, pharma brands have to work with a service provider who have an established relationship with the EHR systems of choice. This is done, among other reasons, to protect patient privacy and physicians’ time, which means the messaging that is seen is already deemed credible and worth paying attention to.

ConnectiveRx has the largest reach of EHR networks in the U.S. Our network of EHR partners can reach more than 750,000, or 72%, of the top prescribers, translating to more than 158 million patients. And of those 158 million patients, our analytic capabilities allow us to help your clients identify only the most relevant audiences for their brand, ensuring that every advertising dollar is spent on a patient with strong potential to start or stay on their therapy.

If you have clients who are looking to support prescribing decision-making, share general branded information to relevant physicians, and/or share patient support program information, talk to us today about how you can include our capabilities in your 2024 planning:

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Point-of-Care Awareness & Adherence Messaging 

EHR messaging to HCPs is vital for increasing brand awareness and script lift. These messages help get the right prescription written for the right medication and the right patient. 

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