The ConnectiveRx Non-Commercial Pharmacy: Maximize Your Patient Access Strategy

Hub Services

When it comes to helping patients get on and stay on specialty medication quickly, the need for an efficient process begins at the point of prescribing. Every delay in the process slows the start of therapy and reduces the chances of a patient receiving the first fill.

Our non-commercial pharmacy, Careform Pharmacy powered by ConnectiveRx, is dedicated to simplifying the administrative burdens of healthcare providers and their staff through a streamlined, single-step enrollment process. Careform Pharmacy is an in-workflow access channel for specialty medications that allows for fast access to hub enrollments, benefits investigations, and prior authorization support, streamlining the patient’s medication journey.

In-workflow Hub Enrollment


Prescribers are always looking for ways to streamline their workflow and reduce administrative burdens. Imagine a busy oncology office where a patient needs a number of medications to treat their condition, all prescribed via different hubs, all requiring prior authorizations, and all done quickly to get the patient on therapy sooner.

Our Careform Pharmacy simplifies this work because providers do not need to leave their current workflow to log in to different enrollment portals or fax documentation. Instead, the patient is enrolled as medications are prescribed in the EHR, greatly reducing administrative time.

As an added benefit, this workflow actually increases your brand’s hub adoption because the triage process begins immediately upon Careform Pharmacy’s receipt. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Streamlined Prescription Triage Process

The most cumbersome part of the specialty medication prescribing process is, of course, benefits verification and prior authorization. ConnectiveRx is known for its commitment to and success in innovative speed-to-therapy solutions. In fact, our benefit investigation turnaround time leads the industry averaging 6 business hours, and our Careform Pharmacy is tapped into these systems to help move these processes along quickly.

Once the prescription is received, we begin the benefit verification and prior authorization processes and, if needed, a comprehensive appeal process. Bridge and patient savings programs are also available here to help with affordability for patients so they can stay on therapy. Once approvals are received, Careform transfers the prescription to the patient’s preferred pharmacy for their convenience while maintaining the legal chain of custody.

Comprehensive Data Transparency

As with all our tech-enabled solutions, ConnectiveRx supports our claims by providing our clients with a clear picture of program success through data. Careform Pharmacy helps brands measure success and identify areas for improvement by providing:

  • Clinic usage and payer mix and coverage
  • Status and turnaround time for each step to identify possible efficiency gaps and determine strategic next steps
  • Medication distribution monitoring to ensure patients receive their therapy

Our non-commercial pharmacy allows the manufacturer to see the same data and insights that can be found in the brand’s retail hub. Information is updated quickly and appears in less than 30 minutes to the brand, and analysts can view all data in their preferred method via our Tableau platform or data feeds.

The Careform non-commercial pharmacy takes what was formerly a multi-step process and simplifies it into the workflow. This single point of prescribing reduces administrative burdens while allowing for fast hub enrollment, support during the verification and prior authorization processes, and comprehensive data that helps brands provide speed to therapy for patients.

For more information on how your brand can tap into the Careform non-commercial pharmacy, connect with one of our experts today!

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