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Help patients get their medications faster

Every prescription represents a person who often faces significant obstacles to get on medication. Our understanding of their realities enables us to deliver the medication information and access to services they need so they can start their treatment sooner and stay on it longer.

When choosing between brands, 45% of prescribers report changing their choice due to patient affordability

We are #1 in patient savings and copay-initiated messaging

More than 915,000 prescribers have used ConnectiveRx copay services, processing more than 108 million unique claims

Patient savings

Industry-leading savings programs that reduce patient out-of-pocket costs.

  • Advanced adjudication methods
  • Predictive analytics

Patient trial

Support eligible patients with trial supply of medication to facilitate access.

  • Trial supply while prior authorization is being processed, independent of insurance 

Patient and provider network

Affordability offerings distributed through all available digital channels.

  • Key points of delivery*: SMS, email, print, patient portal and transmission to pharmacy via EHR

*Compliant with applicable laws including HIPAA and TCPA

Leading the development and
evolution of the copay market
for over 10 years

  • 32 million patients and over 800,000 HCPs
  • More than 500 brands
  • Over 100 million unique claims
  • Delivery through all available channels, including EHR