How to Think Like a Point-of-Care Marketer

Awareness and Adherence

The 2024 planning season is already upon us, and as always, the patient awareness space is evolving as quickly as the technology that surrounds us. We know it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends, physician preferences, and cost-effective tactics, but getting into the right mindset is a strong step toward supporting your clients as they begin to plan for next year. 

Read on as we help you get in the right mindset to help your clients. 

Enhancing the success from direct rep access 

Traditionally, drug manufacturers have counted on their sales reps to meet with prescribers in-person to share product information. But this tactic has been on the decline for a number of years because: 

  • More than half of US physicians are employed by health and hospital systems who notoriously block sales reps from entering their buildings.
  • Younger physicians enter the space each year, and these are people who grew up using technology way more than their older colleagues and therefore prefer to communicate digitally.
  • COVID-19 forced many physicians into either hybrid rep meetings or to go all digital, and now they are used to their new system.

The most successful brands are leveraging their in-house marketers’ creativity

This means looking for ways to target the right audience, at the right place and time, with the most relevant message. In other words, brands have had to accept that the “set it and forget it” method is dead. Long gone are the days when throwing up a banner ad would grab enough responses to justify the cost, because without the right context, the message will be meaningless to most of the audience. 

To help brands navigate deeper into the marketing mentality, providers like ConnectiveRx are stepping up to implement sophisticated, in-workflow messaging solutions that reach prescribers in real time. After all, physicians report spending at least 50% of their time in the EHR, and this is where the biggest ROI opportunities lie for brands.  

Even more impactful is the ability to target a very specific audience that is likely to be interested in the message. Many solutions are completely customizable to meet the specific needs of each brand, and they can reach pharmacists, patients, and caregivers in addition to physicians.

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Where to go from here

So, what does all this mean to you? Well, in the marketing world, the most successful among them are those who work with the best service providers who are experts in their field. Drug manufacturers are learning this already, and by including ConnectiveRx in your RFPs, you are showing your clients that you know where to go to get the best in-EHR workflow messaging support for their patients.  

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Benefits of Pharmaceutical Point-of-Care Awareness & Adherence Messaging 

EHR messaging to HCPs is vital for increasing brand awareness and script lift. These messages help get the right prescription written for the right medication and the right patient. 

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