Throwing Banner Ads on Websites is so Basic. Instead, Get Your Client’s Savings Offer in Front of HCPs While They’re Prescribing in the EHR

Awareness and Adherence

Tired of old school HCP targeting tactics like geotargeting and audience analysis? Good. You can do better. Because the best time to get your savings offer in front of HCPs is when they are prescribing and discussing your client’s brand with patients in the examining room. The key that unlocks this door is the EHR system. If you’re ready to become the main character for in-EHR messaging in your company, read on.

Understanding the Role and Impact of Electronic Health Record Software

Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is used by hospitals and medical practices to manage and share patient medical records and automate clinical workflows. EHR systems allow physicians and staff members to:

  • Document patient interactions
  • View medical histories and insurance information
  • Make referrals
  • Order tests and view results
  • Send e-prescriptions
  • Set allergy and harmful drug interaction alerts

The Expanding Market of EHRs

EHRs are big business — and getting bigger. The market includes hundreds of EHR providers, and global EHR sales are forecast to exceed $38 billion by 2025. In addition to generating sales by providing software and SaaS services, many EHR providers have also developed substantial revenue streams by selling the rights to deliver clinically relevant messages to prescribers in real time through the EHR.

As the ability to reach HCPs through EHRs has expanded, a new group of messaging providers has sprung to life. These companies establish message-delivery contracts with multiple EHRs, bundle those contracts to create a multi-EHR network of reachable HCPs, then sell that message delivery capability to agencies as a key tactical part of a brand’s marketing strategy.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Extensive EHR Network Reach


And while many messaging providers tout their EHR network size, there is only one company that has the most extensive EHR network reach: ConnectiveRx. The fact is, when it comes to in-EHR messaging, if you know, you know. And we know. Period.

We work with agencies to drive awareness and access to patient affordability programs through the industry’s largest EHR network, including ~400 of the 500 certified EHRs. ConnectiveRx EHR messaging solutions reach patients and providers that can’t be reached by our competitors or by agencies working on their own:

  • At the right places: We show up in front of more prescribers via EHR than any other vendor
  • At the right time: At the moment HCPs are in the decision process of selecting a medication
  • With the right parties: In the pivotal conversation between the prescriber and patient

ConnectiveRx has created a purpose-built solution to help get your clients’ savings offers into the e-prescribing screen of HCPs’ EHRs in real-time as they are prescribing. Our ScriptGuide solution can deliver core clinical messages to more than 750,000 prescribers while they are in workflow in leading outpatient EHRs such as DxWeb, DrFirst, NextGen, ChartPerfect, and hundreds more. These are real-time, in-EHR messages designed to improve medication adherence and reduce prescription abandonment:

  • Copay coupons / patient savings programs
  • Medication adherence
  • Gaps in care
  • Mail order availability
  • Disease state education

And when delivered through our proprietary Select EHR Network, our ScriptGuide solution renders patient-savings communications at the point of care to >240,000 HCPs exclusive to ConnectiveRx through leading hospital/health system EHR platforms including Epic (the leading hospital EHR), Allscripts, athenaOne, and Practice Fusion.

ConnectiveRx ScriptGuide: Enhancing Medication Adherence and Patient Savings

We don’t mean to flex, but ScriptGuide has been proven to improve first-fill rates. In a national randomized patient-level test vs control analysis of over 120 ConnectiveRx-managed programs covering 25+ therapeutic categories, ScriptGuide improved NRx fill rates across all studied therapeutic classes, and delivered an average Rx lift of 5.11% (ConnectiveRx data on file, 2020).

Don’t sleep on this. It’s time you learned about our EHR-generated patient savings alerts that help patients get started on the path to medication adherence. Learn more about ScriptGuide delivered via the Select EHR Network today.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Point-of-Care Awareness & Adherence Messaging

EHR messaging to HCPs is vital for increasing brand awareness and script lift. These messages help get the right prescription written for the right medication and the right patient.

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