Is It Possible to Message HCPs While They’re Prescribing? Yup, Your Search Is Over.

Reaching HCPs while they’re prescribing is the Holy Grail of physician messaging. And to do it in today’s digital age, you’ve got to deliver your message through the EHR. Why? Two key reasons. First, the one place where prescribers spend the most working time is in the EHR. A 2022 article in Medical Economics reports that physicians spend 4.5 hours a day (about half their workday) in the EHR[1] viewing medical histories, documenting patient interactions, exploring medication options, and much more. Second, nearly all prescriptions are now written electronically in an EHR system. Surescripts reports that of all US prescriptions filled in 2021, 94% were e-prescriptions.[2] TBH, if your client wants to capture the eyeballs of HCPs while they’re prescribing, the EHR is really the only game in town.

ConnectiveRx has purpose-built solutions that gets your clients’ brand messages into the e-prescribing screens of HCPs’ EHRs in real time at the key moment they are in the process of selecting a medication. And our messages hit different than the rest; they show up in front of more prescribers via EHR than any other vendor. Period.

Our solutions can reach more than 750,000 prescribers while they’re in workflow in leading outpatient EHRs such as DxWeb, DrFirst, NextGen, ChartPerfect, and hundreds more. They help positively influence HCP behavior by delivering real-time in-EHR messages as well as copay coupons and other patient education pieces that are focused on core clinical issues including:

  • Medication adherence
  • Gaps in care
  • Mail order availability
  • Disease state education
  • Patient savings offers

Our solutions go beyond just outpatient systems. When delivered through our proprietary Select EHR Network, our programs render patient-savings offers at the point of care to >240,000 HCPs many exclusive to ConnectiveRx through leading hospital/health system EHR platforms including many on the Epic platform (the leading hospital EHR), Allscripts and athenaOne.

This is not your grandfather’s media buy. There is no better time to get your message in front of HCPs than when they are choosing therapy for a patient in the exam room. With ConnectiveRx, you’re getting premier, red-carpet access to HCPs while they’re in decision-making mode. Contact us to learn more.

[1] Payerchin R. Physicians Spend 4.5 Hours a Day on Electronic Health Records. Medical Economics. April 21, 2022. Accessed November 10, 2022.

[2] Surescripts 2021 National Progress Report. Accessed November 10, 2022.

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