4 Unique Destinations for your Patient Savings Offers

The days of universal open-door clinics are likely gone forever. Multiple studies have documented the move to restrict representative access over the last 10 years, and COVID emphatically accelerated the process. According to a Q3 2021 survey of over 1,000 physicians by the Prescribers’ Digital Reference (PDR), more than half of respondents (55%) are not permitting any representative visits, because of either institutional policy or personal choice.[1]

The bottom line is clear: brand managers cannot depend on representatives alone to overcome access barriers, drive new prescriptions, and grow market share. Today’s comprehensive messaging campaigns should include digital engagement, including text, chat, or email. But the most effective and efficient way to reach prescribers may be through in-EHR messaging, and we’ve got your back in that department.

ConnectiveRx can deliver your brand’s savings offer to your target HCPs in the one place where they spend the most working time: in the EHR. A 2022 article in Medical Economics reports that physicians spend 4.5 hours a day (about half their workday) in the EHR.[2] To put it simply, the EHR is the key that unlocks the door to digital HCP access.

Our purpose-built solution helps get your savings offers into the e-prescribing screens of key EHRs at the very moment HCPs are in the process of selecting a medication. These copay savings offers are sent through our exclusive Select EHR Network, which includes blue-chip EHR platforms such as Allscripts, athenaOne, and Practice Fusion. Working with these leading EHRs, we deliver ScriptGuide patient-savings messages at the point of care to some of the country’s largest clinical health systems, including more than 80,000 prescribers. And we expect to add an additional 14,000 prescribers to our network soon.

What’s more, we go beyond typical single-point messaging; instead, we deliver your savings offer to as many as 4 unique destination points (all for one single combined price):

  1. Print in prescriber’s office for hand-delivery to patient
  2. Send to patient portal
  3. Notify prescriber with onscreen patient savings alert
  4. Transmit copay information to patient’s pharmacy

These 4 real-time communication modes give crucial support to prescribers who may not otherwise know how to (or have time to) connect patients to much-needed copay support. And they provide real value to patients, giving them the right copay support information, at the right time, and at the point of care to encourage immediate action. The bottom-line value of in-EHR delivery is that it happens in the prescriber’s office at the point of care, helping to avoid cost-related prescription abandonment at the pharmacy.

One final thought: As a market leader in point-of-care communications, our size and scale allow us to continually evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers.​ So you’ll always be on the cutting edge of prescriber messaging capabilities.

Let’s work together to help your patients access the meds they need. We’ve got you covered. Visit us here to learn more.

[1] ConnectiveRx, COVID-19 Impact on Prescribing and Rx Affordability, Sep. 2021. n=1,049 prescribers.
[2] Payerchin R. Physicians Spend 4.5 Hours a Day on Electronic Health Records. Medical Economics. April 21, 2022. Accessed September 20, 2022.

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