Using High-Impact Point-of-Care Messaging Without Third-Party Cookies

Awareness and Adherence

As someone who works tirelessly to help your pharma clients reach their target audience, we imagine the ongoing changes to cookies and data privacy are a major focus for your business. If you need a refresher on the history of cookies, we provided a solid overview last November. 

As of now, there is still no pending federal push to regulate data collection and usage on a national scale, but the number of individual states enacting such laws are leaving their mark on this issue. As we speak, Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, and Mozilla's Firefox are all working towards phasing out third-party cookies, which will basically destroy them. 

There are plenty of resources available to help digital advertisers prepare for this new reality before it happens, but what’s cool about the patient awareness space is it’s not affected by the demise of cookies. In fact, working with ConnectiveRx has never required the use of cookies to target the right patients and their providers for your clients because we can reach them in the EHR. Keep reading to see how you can “think like a point-of-care marketer” without having to worry about cookies or data privacy. 

The EHR is the Place to Be

The EHR is a self-contained record of a patient’s medical history that stays within the system, meaning the patient’s personal information is protected from any outsiders gathering and using their data for non-medical reasons. Remember, being able to use personal data to target individuals for reasons other than what the user originally intended is a major reason cookies are becoming a thing of the past. But, service providers like ConnectiveRx can use the EHR for its intended purpose, namely, providing timely clinical and educational information that will support patients along their medication journey. 

So what does this look like in practice?  

EHR messaging flow

The Agency’s Role 

If you have clients looking for a complete tool that provides several communication opportunities throughout the patient/provider visit, then we recommend PhysicianCare Total Access. Custom messages can be built by a long list of demographic, behavior, and/or clinical factors to only target the exact type of patient they are looking for. This means every dollar spent by your client to send their message is going to be seen by a relevant patient and/or healthcare provider. 

Some of the most common ways our clients use PhysicianCare Total Access include:

  • Seeking patients who are eligible for additional therapy to provide a more complete treatment plan 
  • Informing healthcare providers of new indications, possible side effects and negative interactions to other drugs, and other important educational information 
  • Identifying those who may be good candidates for an upcoming clinical trial

PhysicianCare Total Access is a complete, versatile messaging tool that supports some of our most prominent clients, and we recommend keeping this tool in mind as you work on 2024 planning. Reach out today to learn more: 

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Point-of-Care Awareness & Adherence Messaging

EHR messaging to HCPs is vital for increasing brand awareness and script lift. These messages help get the right prescription written for the right medication and the right patient.

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