Real-time Messaging Options Blow the Doors Off Traditional Channels

Awareness and Adherence

Ever-improving technology enables sophisticated, in-workflow, omnichannel messaging solutions to reach prescribers in real-time. They’re configurable to create a stream of end-to-end messaging options that complement established hub and copay programs. But these solutions don’t reach just prescribers; they also reach pharmacists, patients, and caregivers. Let’s take a quick look at five of the most efficient digital messaging options:

1. Pre-prescription HCP Brand-Awareness Messaging

Believe it or not, brand-specific, situation-appropriate, hyper-targeted messaging can be delivered to prescribers in real-time in the EHR even before they write a prescription. Our PhysicianCare Total Access solution uses clinical and demographic information to trigger the delivery of sponsored content to improve a patient’s quality of care. In-EHR messages are triggered by patient-level data — such as diagnosis codes or lab results — that appear on the patient chart summary screen at the onset of a patient encounter. In short, PhysicianCare Total Access works to improve a patient’s quality of care by delivering materials to educate HCPs.

Of course, ConnectiveRx can also deliver real-time messages within the ePrescribing module of the EHR to support prescribing behavior. These messages provide clinically and contextually relevant information about patient savings, dosing, access, etc.

2. Point-of-care Patient Messaging

It’s also possible to deliver brand-specific messages to patients before ending their appointment via print, SMS, or patient portal, and automatically send copay offer details to the patient’s pharmacy. ConnectiveRx’s ScriptGuide solution automatically produces the appropriate message when a prescriber generates an electronic prescription during a medical encounter with a patient. Personalized messages are delivered to patients once the electronic Rx is submitted.

3. Personalized Patient Communications in the Pharmacy

It’s now easy to message patients while they are in the pharmacy. Our CarePoints messaging solution encourages patients to fill and refill their prescriptions and stay educated about their prescribed therapies. Personalized patient communications are delivered by the pharmacy staff or through text messages to encourage healthy behaviors and improve medication adherence.

4. Reaching Patients via Mobile Text

ConnectiveRx’s patient texting solution is an awareness and adherence offering that reaches patients directly on their mobile phones. These text messages can automatically and transparently connect health care providers and their patients. Messages are delivered directly to each patient based on multiple triggers:

  • A prescription written in the e-prescribe module
  • A prescription filled at the pharmacy

We offer both SMS and MMS capability, and messages can include hyperlinks that direct patients to additional information about their prescriptions such as patient support programs, patient education information, medication savings offers, and more.

5. Renewal Reminders to HCPs in EHR Workflow

Finally, to close the loop, you can now deliver Rx renewal reminders to HCPs within their routine EHR workflow. Our automated, in-workflow reminders to prescribers facilitate chart review, patient consultation, and Rx renewal order creation when clinically appropriate. Reminders are delivered to prescribers within their existing, persistent Rx renewal request queue.

Harnessing the Power of Real-time Messaging in Prescriber Communication

When packaged together, these emerging message-delivery options give you the ability to create a cutting-edge messaging mix perfectly customized to your brand, life-cycle position, and competitive landscape. And don’t forget that ConnectiveRx offers the largest EHR network reach of +750,000 total EHR prescribers. Click here to learn more about how to raise awareness and adherence for your brand via EHR messaging.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Point-of-Care Awareness & Adherence Messaging

EHR messaging to HCPs is vital for increasing brand awareness and script lift. These messages help get the right prescription written for the right medication and the right patient.

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